Penetration simulation with 3-dimensional trajectories

The multiaircraft cooperative penetration strategy is adopted to improve the overall combat effectiveness by locating multiaircraft at the boundary of the terminal guidance area at exactly the same time. The difficulty in the single aircraft penetration is increasing. Chen, H. This paper presents a penetration trajectory optimization algorithm for an air-breathing hypersonic vehicle, where the prerequisite penetration condition is analyzed and control costs are chosen as an objective function to minimize the fuel consumption and maneuver range. Accordingly, Dwivedi et al. As depicted in Figure 4 , the fitted surface is not exactly the same as the original surface, but basically reflects the data characteristics of the original surface. To tackle penetration problems, a method with competitive convergence speed and robust solution process is what we always seek for, though it is not rigorously optimal.
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IBSIMU: a three-dimensional simulation software for charged particle optics

Several physical and numerical models are involved in the trajectory calculation. They exist only for an initially undamaged crystal structure. This procedure for determining the starting points provides a better statistical equidistribution of the points. If is the number of point defects generated in a recoil cascade, then the average number of point defects surviving recombination within the cascade is given by. This standard supports also an incremental parallelization by adding compiler directives to the source code. Both atoms then become moving atoms of the cascade. Dopant species.
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IBSIMU: a three-dimensional simulation software for charged particle optics

If , , and , then the incoming atom remain at the site and the collision is called a replacement collision with released as phonons. The partner dependent parameters for the stopping models are the mass and charge of the target atom, the impact parameter, and the free flight path length between two nuclear collisions. The resulting output file contains the smoothed doping and damage profiles which include the implantation results of all already performed implantation steps. The Trajectory-Reuse algorithm splits a calculated trajectory which goes through different materials into several sub-trajectories, one for each amorphous material, and stores the obtained sub-trajectories in a list. In contrast to that, the physics-based Monte Carlo method uses an atomistic approach and, therefore, is able to simulate the channeling effect and the accumulation of point defects during the implantation process in crystalline targets, as well as, e.
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Description: The elastic two-particle scattering process is approximated by its asymptotic behavior and the ion is placed at the closest distance to the collision partner which is equal to the impact parameter before the nuclear scattering event. Therefore only the material density has to be considered by a cylinder with a radius of the maximum impact parameter and a length of the average free flight path as shown in Fig. The unknown velocities , and directions , from the incident direction after the collision event can be found from the conservation of energy 3. The intention was to perform a distributed simulation on a cluster of workstations which are connected over a slow network. Both atoms then become moving atoms of the cascade.

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